Wednesday, November 4, 2020

Day Special

❇️ 5 November

🌊 World Tsunami Awareness Day
      विश्व सुनामी जागरूकता दिवस

🌊 According to the UN, the word "tsunami" has Japanese origins, it comprises the Japanese words "tsu" (meaning harbour) and "nami" (meaning wave).

🔹 UNESCO Recognised 2 Coastal Villages as Tsunami Ready - Venkatraipur in Ganjam district and Noliasahi in Jagatsinghpur district , Odisha.

🔸 It has been observed regularly ever since December 2015.

▪️ In 2020, World Tsunami Awareness Day will promote target (e) of the "Sendai Seven Campaign," which encourages countries and communities to have national and local disaster risk reduction strategies in place to save more lives against disasters by the end of 2020.

▪️Founded - 24 oct 1945
▪️HQ - New york US
▪️S.G - Antonio Guterres (Portugal)
▪️MC - 193

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