Wednesday, October 7, 2020

Today's Special

📮7th October

🕊World Cotton Day
     विश्व कपास दिवस 

◾️WTO host first World Cotton Day on Geneva in 2019

🔹first evidence of Cotton found in mehargarh 

🔹scientific name of Cotton - Gossypium

🔹Cotton City of India - Yavatmal, MH

🔹largest cotton producing country in the world - India

🔹largest cotton producing state in india - Gujarat

🔹first Indian cotton cloth mill established in 1818 at Kolkata

🔹Black soils is known as cotton soil 

♦️World Trade Organization (WTO)
▪️HQ : Geneva, Switzerland
▪️Founded : 1 January 1995
▪️Leader : Roberto Azevedo

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