Saturday, May 16, 2020


This list includes countries with an independent capability to place satellites in orbit, including production of the necessary launch vehicle. Note: many more countries have the capability to design and build satellites but are unable to launch them, instead relying on foreign launch services. This list does not consider those numerous countries, but only lists those capable of launching satellites indigenous, and the date this capability was first demonstrated. The list does not include the European Space Agency, a multi-national state organization, nor private consortium.

OrderCountryDate of first launchRocketSatellite(s)
1Soviet Union4 October 1957Sputnik-PSSputnik 1
2United States1 February 1958Juno IExplorer 1
3France26 November 1965Diamant-AAstérix
4Japan11 February 1970Lambda-4SOhsumi
5China24 April 1970Long March 1Dong Fang Hong I
6United Kingdom28 October 1971Black ArrowProspero
7India18 July 1980SLVRohini D1
8Israel19 September 1988ShavitOfeq 1
– [1]Russia21 January 1992Soyuz-UKosmos 2175
– [1]Ukraine13 July 1992Tsyklon-3Strela
9Iran2 February 2009Safir-1Omid
10North Korea12 December 2012Unha-3Kwangmyŏngsŏng-3 Unit 2
11South Korea30 January 2013Naro-1STSAT-2C
12New Zealand12 November 2018ElectronCubeSat
🛰 Sri Lanka launches First Satellite Named 'Ravana-1'

🛰 Ethiopia Launches First Satellite Named 'ETRSS-1'

🛰 Sudan launches First Satellite, Named 'SRSS-1'

🛰 Nepal launches First Satellite Named 'NepaliSat-1'

🛰 Iran launches First Military Satellite Named 'Noor'

🛰 Russia to launch First Arktika-M satellite for monitoring Arctic climate

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